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New Products
Meet the latest products and technology from Autonics. We focus on the needs and demands of our users. Stay up-to-date on our newly released products and find your solution with us today.
[NEW] 88 mm Incremental Rotary Encoders (Hollow Shaft Type) - E88H Series
88 mm Incremental Rotary Encoders (Hollow Shaft Type)
Aug 31, 2017
[NEW] Color Mark Sensors - BC Series
Color Mark Sensors
Aug 22, 2017
Comprehensive Motion Control Management Software - atMotion
Comprehensive Motion Control Management Software
Jul 28, 2017
[NEW] Wireless Communication Converters - SCM-WF48 Series
Wireless Communication Converters
May 16, 2017
[NEW] Refrigeration Temperature Controllers - TF3 Series
Refrigeration Temperature Controllers
May 01, 2017
[NEW LINE-UP] Counter/Timer - FXY Series
DIN W72×H36mm Of Counter/Timer With Indication Only
Apr 10, 2017
[NEW LINE-UP] Counter/Timer - FXS Series
DIN W48×H48mm, Compact Counter/Timer
Apr 10, 2017
[NEW LINE-UP] Timer - FSE Series
DIN W48×H48mm 8-pin Plug Timer
Apr 10, 2017
[NEW LINE-UP] Counter - FS Series
DIN W48×H48mm 8-Pin Plug Counter
Apr 10, 2017
[NEW LINE-UP] Up&Down measure counter - FM Series
DIN W72×H72, W144×H72mm of Up / Down / Up&Down measure counter
Apr 10, 2017
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