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Sensor, Proximity Sensor, Photo sensor,Temperature Controller, Counter, Timer - Autonics-241 Highly economical solution for PLC function incorporated touch screen- Autonics Sensor, Proximity Sensor, Photo sensor,Temperature Controller, Counter, Timer - Autonics-241
Pressure Sensors
LP-S044 Series Print
Highly economical solution for PLC function incorporated touch screen
Logic panel LP-S044 Series realizes cost effective and easy operation solution by incorporating HMI, PLC and I/O modules in one body. Also, the series is capable of controlling and monitoring for external controllers thru built-in PLC’s communication function; in addition, 16points of I/O can be controlled through LP main body. Along with high capacity memory of 8,000 steps, PC graphic editor and PLC logic program are also supported to increase user convenience.

Product Detail Data sheet 2D/3D CAD Data

Main features

● Compact structure
: Reducing cost, space saving and easy operation through PLC+HMI+Input/ output integration
● Improved compatibility with logic
: 8000-step program capacity
(the average processing speed 6 to 7μs/step) basic command 28, application command 220
● Wide device range
: Peripheral device 10K word, data device 10K word, and other various devices
● Sufficient external I/O
: Input 16 points, output 16 points(basic)
● Various expansion function
: External interrupt, 16-key input, 7 Seg. time-sharing display and synchronous communication output.
● Easy software upgrade at website
(1) LP firmware file (2) GP Editor(drawing program)
(3) Smart Studio(logic program) (4) Additional protocol
● Displays max. 400 characters
● Enables to save max. 500 pages of user screen
● Different devices monitoring function
: PLC port allows to monitor and control the variables of additionally connected controllers
● Supports multilingual
: Supports for Korean, Japanese, English, Chinese, Russian, Vietnamese and Portuguese. Additional languages will be available by firmware.
● Supports multi-font
: It provides various bitmap and user-selected fonts.
● Various multi-communication ports
: Both RS232 2 port and RS232/RS422 compound port are provided.
● Device monitoring function
: It enables to monitor LP device and connected controller devices by LP without graphic design data.
● Printer and barcode reader connection
: It enables to print alarm history connecting a printer and read barcode connecting a barcode reader.


* Controlling automatic PCB transfer in Soldering machine

Ordering Information

Specification Table

Model LP-S044-S1D0-C5T-A LP-S044-S1D0-C5R-A LP-S044-S1D1-C5T-A LP-S044-S1D1-C5R-A
I/O connector type Terminal block connector Ribbon cable connector Terminal block connector Ribbon cable connector
Power supply 24VDC
Allowable voltage range 90 to 110% of power supply
Power consumption Max. 3.6W
Display performance LCD type 4.4inch STN Blue Negative
Resolution 240 x 80 dots
Display area 112.8mm x 37.6mm
Color MONO(blue, white)
LCD view angle Top/Bottom/Left/Right 30° in each direction
Backlight White LED
Brightness Adjustable by software
Graphic drawing performance Language※1 English, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Vietnamese, Portuguese
Text • High resolution display up to 400 letters    • 6x8, 8x8 ASCII character, high definition numbers
• 8x16 ASCII characters, 16x16 regional characters(1 to 8 times bigger for width, 0.5 to 5 times bigger for height)
Graphic drawing memory 384 KB
Number of user screen 500 pages
Touch switch Width 15 x Height 4 = 60
Control performance Command Basic command : 28, application command : 220
Program capacity 8K step
Processing time Average : 6 to 7㎲/step
I/O control type Batch processing
Computer control mode Repeated-doubling method, Interrupt processing
Device range * Refer to LP-S044 user manual
Serial Interface Each port of RS232C, RS422(asynchronous method) Two ports of RS232C
(asynchronous method)
Real-time controller RTC embedded
Battery life cycle Approx. 3 years at 25℃
Insulated resistance Min. 100MΩ(at 500VDC megger)
Ground 3rd groundlng(max. 1000)
Noise trength ± 0.5kV the square wave noise(pulse width : 1㎲) by the noise simulator
Dielectric strength 500VAC(50/60Hz) for a minute
Vibration Mechanical 0.75mm amplitude at frequency of 10 to 55Hz(for 1 min.) in each of X, Y, Z directions for 1 hour
Malfunction 0.5mm amplitude at frequency of 10 to 55Hz(for 1 min.) in each of X, Y, Z directions for 10 min.
Shock Mechanical 300m/s2(approx. 30G) in each of X, Y, Z directions for 3 times
Malfunction 100m/s2(approx. 10G) in each of X, Y, Z directions for 3 times
Environ -ment Ambient temperature 0 to 50°C, storage : -20 to 60°C
Ambient humidity 35 to 85% RH, storage: 35 to 85% RH
Protection ratings IP65F(for front panel)
Accessory Fixing bracket: 4EA, Rubber waterproof ring, Battery included
Approval CE, KC
Weight※2 Approx. 454g(Approx. 312g)
※1: Language can be customized.
※2: This weight is with packaging and the weight in parentheses is only unit weight.
※ Environment resistance is rated at no freezing or condensation.


User's Guide

Caution for your safety