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I/O Terminal Blocks
ABL Series Print
Screwless Relay Terminal Blocks
The ABL series screwless relay terminal blocks offer easy wiring and stable connection with screwless push-in type connection. Users can switch between independent and common output options using jumper bars. Status identification is easy with independent LED indicators for each connection. The ABL series is available in 4-pin and 16-pin models.

* New 16-pin type model has been added to the lineup (ABL-H16R6-N[P]N)

Common Features
* Switch between independent and common output with jumper bar
* Easy wiring and stable connection with screwless push-in connection
* Relay protection cover
* Operation status indicator (blue LED)
* DIN rail mount and screw mount methods

16-Pin Type
* Rated load current: 3 A
* Convenient relay removal with relay ejector clip
* Supported relays: [OMRON] G6B-1174P-FD-US

4-Pin Type
* Rated load current: 5 A
* Switch between NPN and PNP input using jumper bar
* Convenient relay removal with removal lever
* Supported relays: [OMRON] G6B-1174P-FD-US, [Matsushita (Panasonic)] PQ1a-24V